AusPIPS and Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin (SCIg)


AusPIPS is committed to seeing the Australian state governments change their policy in relation to patients accessing subcutaneous immunoglobulin infusions. With making the choice available for people with PID of either IVIg (Intravenous Immunoglobulin) or SCIg, given that published Australian research has indicated that 77% of people with PID would choose home based treatment , this will see numerous benefits to state health budgets with large financial savings, along with freeing up hospital resources. 

IgG antibody trough levels will stay higher, resulting in fewer break through infections and the need for extra admissions into hospital for IV antibiotics, ending in a better quality of life for patients. AusPIPS is also committed to seeing state governments to cover the costs of consumables, as adults who have PID often are unable to work and are dependent on welfare, meaning that subcutaneous IgG without the cost of consumables being funded, will not be an affordable option. Parents will also be able to more easily afford to cover treatment costs for their children. AusPIPS is more than happy to present budget figures prepared for SCIg.

Mackie suffered from PID and underwent two bone marrow transplants before losing his battle with the disease

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As an entity AusPIPS is dedicated to improving the lives of those living with primary immune deficiency (PID) and their carers:

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  3. We work with other organisations to create the best outcomes for those with PID

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