How We Help

AusPIPS Inc. helps by performing advocacy, working directly with people who have Primary Immune Deficiency, governments, hospitals and medical professionals to help enhance and improve the health care system that looks after people with Primary Immune Deficiency, in Australia. 

When something goes wrong, in a part of the treatment or management process, AusPIPS Inc. will work with people who have PID or their carer when they get in touch by phone, text or email and let us know what has gone wrong.

When AusPIPS Inc. is made aware that something has gone wrong, AusPIPS Inc. will act as soon as possible to help to alert the right people and remedy the situation. AusPIPS Inc. will do this by contacting the relevant physician, hospital unit, hospital management, the health department or government body.

AusPIPS Inc. believes that governments, hospitals and medical professionals want to help enhance and improve the health care system and will act to do so, when they are made aware that something has gone wrong and needs fixing, which has been our experience so far.  In turn this not only remedies the specific problem that resulted in AusPIPS Inc. being contacted, it also positively enhances and improves the relationship between the patient and the treating physicians and allied staff, resulting in all round better management of Primary Immune Deficiency and secondary chronic diseases. It also benefits other members of the Australian population, in being able to be treated in an enhanced and improved system.

The supporters of AusPIPS Inc. formed this organisation so it has the legal power to act and to work in all states and territories of Australia, performing advocacy and the support that accompanies advocacy.

AusPIPS Inc. also works to encourage people with PID and chronic secondary medical conditions, to help themselves by doing physiotherapy as requested, by their medical team, to help themselves stay as well as possible and to also aid recovery, when they become more unwell than usual.