About AusPIPS

AusPIPS Inc. is a collective of people who have had a Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) diagnosis along with parents of children who have had the same. AusPIPS also has supporters who have no personal connection to PID.

AusPIPS Inc. formed to meet a very clear need in Australia — for a patient-led organisation to be able to provide Advocacy, Support and Education for people who have a PID diagnosis, and secondary chronic medical conditions, along with their carers.

PID illnesses are rare diseases, i.e.1< in 10,000 as defined by the Rare Disease Community. Most people with PID are treated with immunoglobulin and antibiotic therapy. Some will be able to function fairly well once they are receiving Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy, however, many of them are not able to function in the community and are not well enough to work. Others require isolation. Some are transplant patients, and a large majority of PID patients also have numerous secondary health conditions.

We work with people who have PID and their carers, government, hospitals and medical professionals, to help enhance the health care system that helps to keep people who have had a diagnosis of PID, alive and as well as possible.

We also work with people who have been diagnosed with PID, along with their carers to encourage them to take care of themselves as best they can, so they can stay out of hospital as much as possible, and overall have a better quality of life.