Meet the team

AusPIPS Inc. is overseen by a Committee of volunteers.

We also have a collective of medical and allied health professionals, who contribute in an advisory capacity to its work. As Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) impacts many areas of health, our advisory panel has contributors from various medical and allied health professions. The advisory panel provides the committee with information and expertise to continue our work which includes patient advocacy and support.

Committee members

Jackie Murphy


Jackie was diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID) in 2006, along with Bronchiectasis which has resulted from going undiagnosed with CVID for 16 years. In the last 10 years since diagnosis, Jackie has been heavily involved in the PID community and she is passionate about seeing the quality of life improving for those with PID, in Australia.

Jackie has been volunteering for over thirty years with various organisations in official and unofficial roles from sitting on boards and committees to simply volunteering. She was the Patient Representative on the last Australian IVIg Criteria review Advisory group 2011-2012, she has worked with the ARCBS, as a volunteer Blood bank Ambassador for a number of years and also has CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) level 1.

Before Jackie started to have health problems with CVID in her early 20’s and became too unwell to work, she studied management and worked in administration. After she was unable to go out to work, Jackie was contracted to work for a large online server for over a decade.

Jackie has a great deal of insight into a patient’s life, as she also has regular treatment and physiotherapy. To manage her CVID and Bronchiectasis, she has IVIg (Immunoglobulin infusions) every 21 days, which have given her quality of life back and she also follows a strict physiotherapy regime, which includes swimming weekdays, year round. She is dedicated to also improving the lives of others in Australia, living with PID.

In December 2017, Jackie started doing SCIg - doing her own infusions weekly at home by herself.  Jackie can’t remember when she last felt as well and is resolved to ensure others who qualify will also be able to choose to do SCIg.


Hung Pham


Hung Pham is currently a Finance Manager for a construction company where he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s financial affairs. He is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with over 15 years accounting experience working with numerous small to large companies. He joined AusPIPS Inc in 2018 to assist with financial and compliance matters of the organisation.

Kerry McLinden


Kerry McLinden has worked in the community sector since 1999, heading up a disability advocacy agency in the southern region of Melbourne.  Kerry has held a variety of volunteer roles over the years, primarily in the community sector, as an active volunteer and at Board level.  With a background in the private sector, and with degree qualifications in Applied Science, Social Science and Arts, she has a diverse range of skills.  

Bianca Holzer

Committee member and Advisory Psychologist to AusPIPS Inc.

Bianca is a Psychologist with over 15 years clinical experience working with special needs children in the education sector. She has conducted both her Masters and PhD research in the area of stress and coping with chronic illness. Bianca's special interest in the area of Health Psychology stems in part from her own diagnosis of Crohn's Disease at the age of 19. She is currently the Psychologist at Andale School and the primary carer of her son who also suffers from chronic health issues.

Charlie Scott

Web Content Editor and Social Media

Charlie is a Digital Producer and has been working in digital for the last 8 years. After a slow decline in health since her teens, she was diagnosed with CVID and Bronchiectasis in July 2015. Charlie receives IVIg monthly, does daily chest physiotherapy and exercises regularly and has seen a drastic improvement in her quality of life since then. She is very grateful for all of the support she has received for her PID and wants to help ensure others get the same, and better, support in the future.

Judy Vaughan

Committee member

Judy was a Critical Care Registered Nurse but due to becoming so unwell, she had to give up work. She was diagnosed with CVID in February 2011, after years of lung, sinus and skin infections. While regular infusions of IVIg have dramatically improved life, she now has multiple disabling auto-immune issues to deal with. She has been actively involved with volunteering in the Emergency Services, but is currently on prolonged leave due to illness. Judy is also a proud mum to two adult sons and a daughter in law.  As with everyone else involved with AusPIPS Inc. Judy is passionate about seeing the health system improve, not only for people with PID, but for all Australians.