Making a difference to the healthcare system

Advocating for better treatment, access and funding

AusPIPS is committed to advocacy work for those who suffer from Primary Immunodeficiency in Australia. We work to improve the healthcare system by working directly with governments, government departments, hospitals, physicians and other medical professionals. We are also in regular contact with users of the healthcare system.

When asked for assistance to resolve an issue we make contact with relevant stakeholders and work together to bring about a remedy.

Our current work includes:

Working with the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA), to bring about the National Immunodeficiency Strategy.

Collaborating with stakeholders on request, as long as the project fits into our legal purpose “to provide advocacy and support for people with Primary Immune Deficiencies (PID) and chronic illnesses, secondary to PID, and their Carers, in Australia” and will improve outcomes and quality of life for people with PID.

We invite you to contact us

AusPIPS Inc. welcomes contact from government, hospitals and doctors. If you’d like more information about what you could do for people who have PID, or if you’d like to talk to us about any thoughts or concerns that you have, please get in touch.